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Saturday, March 31, 2012 | New signage of ski area   Lien vers cet article  Venez discuter de ces informations sur le Forum de Paradiski !  

This season, the SAP has improved signage at the most important ski lifts area. The new signs carry clear indications, and were designed by the communication agency Thuria (already responsible for redesigning the retail packages) and manufactured by Secomate a specialist sign company. Each sign is digitally printed and most carry a clock. They were introduced at the start of a dozen chairlifts. In addition, it is the entire signage that has been revised: the signs, panels, SFS corridors and weather reports.

The same process of modernization is underway on the slopes. Since 2008, direction signs, are clearer and simpler, have been erected to replace the previous dating back to the Nineties. These create confusion, especially when they indicate the numbers of lifts that are no longer used for over 10 years. In addition this year, new signs mark the entrance to each area, for easy identification. According to the marketing department of SAP, these changes are intended to "reassure and guide skiers remaining consistent throughout their movements on the ski area." Modernization will continue progressively next winter.

Signage of skilifts 


Signage on slopes  


Source : Secomate Info Janvier 2012 | Thank to Marketing service of Société d'Aménagement de la Plagne


Wednesday, March 28, 2012 | La Plagne is still 50 years old !   Lien vers cet article  Venez discuter de ces informations sur le Forum de Paradiski !  

La Plagne has celebrated its 50th anniversary in grand style. A gala evening and a fireworks display was organized, unfortunately disrupted by heavy snowfalls. To mark this anniversary a book and movie were published, both entitled “La Plagne 50 years of images”. Which can still be ordered online or purchased at information points (20 € for the book, € 15 for the film, only available in French). Every week in the mountain resorts, you will be able to see this movie accompanied by one of those who have lived the adventure from the beginning, as Gilbert and Max Gros-Vivet Jannot (Please refer to the events program for each resort).

This site www.PERSo-LAPLAGNE.fr has played a role in these publications. The dialogues of the film have been developed largely through the story "A History of La Plagne" that we publish and invite you to read or reread ! (only in French at the moment). For us it is a recognition of the quality of work that we initiated several years ago. We wanted this text to have the right tone and is based on a multitude of testimonies. Our work will continue this summer with new interviews.


First minutes of the film “La Plagne 50 ans d'images” (OPGP / Alain Gonay / YN Productions)


By courtesy of Alain Gonay and the Office de Promotion de la Grande Plagne


Tuesday, March 6, 2012 | Renovation of Plagne Centre's galleries   Lien vers cet article  Venez discuter de ces informations sur le Forum de Paradiski !  

Two and a half months ago, the galleries of Plagne Centre welcomed the first guests of the season 2011/2012. The regulars who will be in the Rue de la Gaite or in the alleys leading to the Ventoux and Mont Blanc have seen the change. Thank of holidays in February, I was able to make my turn to ride. Soft lighting, good sound, friendly atmosphere... The renovated galleries are superb, and wait to see the work fully completed is tenfold. Apart from the absence of the smile of La Plagne's logo, torn, no damage is visible, hope it lasts ! We were able to follow the site regularly throughout 2011, but no pictures have yet been published on the website galleries completed.

We will follow this year further work. The central part, around the Place de la Cheminée, walkways to the Tourism office and especially the gallery of Les Ecrins will be transformed.


The galeries on March 1 at 7:00pm 



Monday, January 23, 2012 | A (really) exceptionnal season !   Lien vers cet article  Venez discuter de ces informations sur le Forum de Paradiski !  

The 2011/2012 season will definitely be remembered ... An outstanding season, from early December the snowfall has been exceptional. The accumulation of snow since November is now 533 cm. This is more than the three previous seasons, and as much as the average of the last two, whilst three months of the season remain. The cumulative final figure of the season should be much higher. In the last snowstorm which took place on 20 and 21 January when more than 60 cm of fresh snow fell down to low altitudes. For example, to see Champagny buried under so much snow must go back two or three decades !


Champagny-en-Vanoise on January 21


Belle Plagne on January 21

Thank Marie, Olivier and Philippe, and Mike for translation


Monday, January 9, 2012 | Bécoin chairlift and new snowfront of Plagne Centre   Lien vers cet article  Venez discuter de ces informations sur le Forum de Paradiski !  

The existing Becoin 4-seater chairlift, replaced by a detachable 6-seater, the redevelopment of snow front in Plagne Centre and the arrival area of the Jean-Luc Cretier stadium will be the main investments by the La Plagne lift company (SAP) for 2012. We had already reported details of this project last September, but it has changed a lot since. Initially, the new Bécoin chairlift had to move about 135 metres from it’s current position, either at the level of the Z and the Cabri ski lifts . But the owners association of the Shangrila building, mobilised to draw the attention of the elected officials and SAP to the fact that it would radically transform the sight and view of their apartments. Taking note of this point, SAP changed their plans for the project. The new version has been communicated to the the municipal Council of Macot, on December 5.



  • The departure of Bécoin 6-seater chairlift will be moved back of only 30 meters, and all this narrow area will be transformed.

  • As expected , Cabri and Z drag lifts (the oldest of La Plagne) will be removed. The building of slopes security will be moved. The “bump of Cabri” and the arrival area of skiers will be redrawn.

  • The Colorado 6-seater chairlift will me moved down of 30 meters. The Baby drag lift will be removed, and replaced by a new moving walkway, in a new area reserved for beginners between the Funiplagne and the new Colorado. The slope will be above the departure of Colorado, and not below like today.

  • The arrival of stadium will be enlarged : the building and Biolley III drag lift will be moved.

All these modifications, confirmed by SAP, will transformed profoundly Plagne Centre's snow front. The flows of the skiers will be reorganized, and circulation facilitated.


Plagne Centre today  


Plagne Centre in December 2012  

Source : Municipal council of Macôt-La Plagne of Decmber 5. Thank Jérôme Grellet, General director of SAP and Mike for translation.
Photo twiga269 sur Flickr



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